Writings and theories on Work & Organization @ the The Movement's Prototype Blog Hi. I'm Alan Smith. I'm a venturer, designer, and partner to many great organizations, companies, and people. This is my life online, roughly, if you're here, theres a good chance we should connect. As you can see, you've got some options on how! Portfolio of works at The Movement (before the network's emergence, this link is Temporary until The Movement Member Profiles come online) My Organization and current life's obsession Wanna Connect on Skype? Username: Thinksmith Talking & testing ideas in 140 characters or less. Some of my Art-Direction work is viewable at Behance.net CV & Connections on LinkedIn If you e-mail me, I'll email you!: alan@themovement.info Scrapblog of Quotes, Snapshots, and other random yet inspiration stuff. I suggest you grab the RSS for it's fun diversity rather than specificity Design fiction created for the future Flickr holds onto some of my favorite people, places, and events. Anywhere there was a camera, theres some pics on flickr. I share a bit on Vimeo A few of my Motion works on Youtube Events I'm attending. Coffee? Upcoming Travel. Wanna hook up somewhere? Imagery I like, and collect online del.icio.us, I gave it up for 2 years but am picking it back up. Also see thmvmnt!